We are hiring a Head of Paid Social at Amphora.

This role will be a defining one within the company and a leadership position.

We are building an agency with a journey to scale and for the right person, this is a great opportunity to help shape an agency of the future.

<aside> ⭐ 📍 Southwark, London HQ

🏢 Min. 3 days/wk in office (Tue-Thu)

🪜 Senior

💸 £60-80k starting w/six month reviews

📃 0.5-1.5% in options

👥 Full-time employee #1


Why join us?

We want to build the first household name growth agency.

Ogilvy, BBH, Wieden + Kennedy. People know these names. But there aren’t any growth agencies in that bracket.

We’re looking for someone to join us at the start of that journey. Today, we are a small business with half a dozen clients, but we’re already growing quick and have hugely ambitious, and global plans.

This role will allow you to flex intellectual curiosity, experiment at a scale, and create a future for how paid social works for businesses of tomorrow.

We believe that paid social doesn’t exist in a silo. We want someone who will be thinking like an advisor and a consultant to our clients, while also be expert in their own field.

What’s important to us

We agree with Netflix that, “a company’s actual values are shown by whom they hire, reward or let go.” With that in mind, these are the values we will seek out in hiring.

Client obsession

It starts with you the client, and we work back from there. This is core to everything else we do. That means the relentless pursuit of opportunity for your business, and a deep understanding of both your business, and your customers.

Bias for action

We have always been doers. It's intrinsic to our entrepreneurial characteristics. We won't ever sit on an idea until our next catchup, we'll bring it to you when we have it. If 80% of life is showing up, we'll be first to the starting line.


Great marketing is about curiosity. Why does something work? What others ways could it work? We'll be contrarian when we need to because often the best ideas are counter-intuitive, and start with curiosity.

Makers and Hackers

We hate bottlenecks. When we were early employees in startups we knew everyone had to get stuck in. That might mean hacking some thing together in Zapier if it means getting it done today rather than next month.


We love the work we do. We feel proud of it. This isn’t a job, it’s a craft which we love. We couldn’t just sit by and get the minimum done. We lean in to all the ups and downs that come with the it all.


Good communication means you’ll be a better marketer and better in client relationships. Jargon is the devil. Making something sound more complicated than it is, will get you nowhere.

Who are you?

You will be someone curious about how technology, culture, advertising, and business intersect in the world.

You’ll be motivated by how these things shift and how you can be active in their change. You will have a favourite advert. You will have a view on the future of retail. You’ll be optimistic towards the future. You’ll love psychology and storytelling, as much as sitting in a spreadsheet or thinking about MMM.

Paid social will be your specialism. You’ll be expected to be an expert media buyer – but also recognising that the name of the game now is creative. You’ll be leaning in to each new wave of the platforms, and know that the best days are still to come.

So what does the job entail?

Your first 100 days: